Donation Class & Shop Ecuadorian Goods
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Donation Class & Shop Ecuadorian Goods

We are SO THRILLED to be partnering with the Mission INTO: Illuminating Nations Through Offering (an opportunity)

Francesca Barbee co-founded this mission more than 10 years ago and it is sustained with the support of people like YOU and ME. Come to this $10 Donation class (feel free to donate more according to your heart and ability) then stay after to shop the fall line of Ecuadorian artisan goods that Francesca has available. Items will be discounted to sell! All proceeds go toward supporting INTO the mission co-founded by Francesca Barbee and launching her family as they move to Ecuador this fall. 

*Details of the mission INTO - Illuminating Nations Through Offering (an opportunity): in an area hit hard by economic crisis, the Barbee's have been able to assist families in becoming financially sustainable and able to help OTHERS. From being able to send her children to school and build a home for her family, one artisan partner has created a safe, sustainable income through the help and facilitation of this mission.

There are so many more stories like the one above and this mission is the foundation of them. The mission INTO has created a connection of global retail to small artisans in Ecuador. Without this mission, communities can only sell their goods locally for a small revenue that would barely feed a family. Because of INTO many artisans can sell their handicrafts in North America and create a stable income for their family.

Please find more details at our missions link at or to register for this event, please follow this link.


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