Yoga Etiquette & Policies



Students are required to register in advance for all classes. Payment can be made when booking classes. There are no exceptions to this policy for classes held at Lakeview Park, for yoga workshops or nutritional/wellness workshops. Please use our online registration system to book your class. *Sometimes the software has a glitch requiring a restart the software program which requires you to logout and close out of the program completely. Restart the program using this link and from there you can see the weekly schedule and make your reservation:


This policy is varied depending on the location and type of service. Outdoor classes are completely refundable. Indoor classes with limited seating are not refundable. Limited seating with a full class roster keeps other students from registering spots that would have otherwise been open. Thank you in advance for understanding this policy. Because of this same reason workshops with limited seating are also non-refundable. However, in any class or workshop, you can transfer your ticket to another student.


  1. When checking into class, please be sure to sign in on the clipboard and note how you paid for class (class pass, drop in, etc).

  2. Always silence your phone or apple watch (this is a common requirement for yoga classes) or better yet, leave potential distractions in your vehicle. We all live important roles in life, however, abiding by this policy shows respect for others making the same sacrifice for your yoga experience.

  3. Let the instructor know of any recent injuries or changes that might impact your practice or how you are assisted (i.e. injury to muscle/joint/bone, recent tattoo or piercing that could be sensitive, injections for migraines, pain relief, vaccinations…etc, pregnancy, surgery, etc)


Every student must agree to receiving their physician’s approval to participate in yoga classes and workshops. If you have medical concerns, you are responsible for discussing them with your primary care physician and ensuring you are cleared for practicing yoga. We often practice balancing postures, forward folds and inversions that can be dizzying and/or unsafe for people with certain medical conditions. Discuss these with your primary care physician and ensure that you are cleared for yoga practice described above and that you know what your physical limitations are for the listed category of postures.