Private Yoga

Photo Credit: Teri Stencil ~

Photo Credit: Teri Stencil ~

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga has a broad range of physiological benefits that can enhance an athletes performance. Drive, focus, confidence, stress management are essential areas a competitive athlete can develop through a regular yoga practice.

Beyond the well understood mental and emotional benefits the world has embraced for decades, more recent scientific studies(1,2) are proving there are huge gains for athletes embracing a regular yoga practice as well. From the Olympics to High Schools yoga is a tool not only creating a competitive edge for athletes but preventing injuries.

Threads of Wellness Yoga Instructors are Certified by the Yoga Alliance and specifically educated on injury prevention first and foremost. Our main goal is to keep athletes healthy and able to participate in their sport to their fullest ability and potential. Our next goal is providing accessible yoga. Athletes do not have to become expert yogis to benefit from yoga sessions. Simple movements, strategic sequencing and restorative postures are extremely beneficial.

Sessions can be held at your school gym or on your soccer, track, or football field. *Class Price Packages range in price based on total students, the distance to your location and number of sessions scheduled.

Base rate is $100/1 hour session, $50/30 minute session. Call (440) 839-6199 or email to discuss your needs and expectations for your athletes. All Sessions are require payment in advance.

*Discounted rates are available for 3 or more sessions scheduled.

Get ready to watch your athletes become stronger, more focused and decrease injury rates this season!

Restorative yoga

Relax, Restore, Renew ~ Deluxe Restorative Yoga

This class will be focused on releasing strain from the body with accessible, relaxing, supportive yoga postures. We will use breath and a focused awareness to discover ease within the body.

What makes this kind of yoga “deluxe” is the added extra heavy blankets, weighted heat pads, gentle massage, and extended 90 minutes of blissful relaxation.

Mindful relaxation has been researched, proven and recommended to help treat: chronic disease (i.e. heart disease, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, etc) that daily struggles and stressors can often intensify.

Once class begins...
You will relax in a warm, candle lit studio room with gentle music in the background. As stress and tightness drift away through supported, restful positions you will be restored ease and delight throughout your body.

Weighted, heated pads, intermittent gentle massage and bolsters will provide each student just enough support and comfort to enjoy each posture to its fullest.

Your body, mind and spirit will be renewed with a blissful connection to warmth, peace and calm so you can pour from a cup overflowing! ♥

These sessions a great girls night out, gift certificate, date night, or work/community team building activity. They also are endorsed by many massage therapists as an excellent substitute for massage!

Private sessions start at $90 for a single student and significantly discounted group rates are available for groups over 3 students.

When scheduling for your private event please note: Class is limited to 8-10 students to ensure each student has enough props, attention and space to relax.

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General Private Yoga

Those new to Yoga: Receive focused attention with individualized hands-on alignment instruction and adjustments to ensure you start your yogic experience off on the right foot. Your instructor will focus on teaching the fundamentals of common postures, yogic breathing techniques and answer any questions you have.

Your private session also offers the perfect introduction to yoga if you’re hesitant to jump right into a group class or are returning to yoga with new circumstances (injury, illness, pre-natal/post-partum, etc) and want to learn special modifications and techniques that you can apply to your practice in class.

Advanced Students and Athletes: Take your practice to the next level with a private session geared towards exploring advanced postures, tweaking alignment, and working through any fears you may have holding you back in certain poses. Tanna can help you design a personalized yoga regimen.

"But the best thing a private yoga instruction will give you is the opportunity to help you see yourself at a different level, to go deeper to the place where your spirit shines, and to help you shine that light outward for others to see." ~The Chopra Center

Investment for private yoga sessions begin at $80/60 minutes with discounted rates for 4 or more weekly scheduled sessions. All sessions require payment in advance.