Wellness through Yoga and Nutritional Therapy

Can I share my heart for a moment?

The absolute greatest privilege in my wellness business is connecting with YOU, the student and/or client.

You have helped create our Threads of Wellness community and call it "home”.  You have grown in your walk toward wellness and have a renewed sense of self-compassion and a passionate drive toward treating yourself with integrity.

Collectively, we inevitably connect with our own surrounding communities. Within our own circles we spread our learned wholehearted living and lifelong wellness amongst those we love, those we work next to and everyone in between. This works brings my heart joy personally as well as professionally!

Even though we have grown into a community throughout group classes and workshops, in my engagement with my students and clients you will always receive an individualized program. At work or at play, I’ll provide creative, enjoyable lifestyle tools and strategies that will guide you toward lifelong wellness. Physical activity and sound nutrition must be ingrained into everyday life; therefore the tools I’ll provide are useful, likable and easy to incorporate into your day.  

The process of awareness and investing in your health is a beautiful, rewarding process to be a part of. In every Yoga Class or Private Yoga Session, Wellness Workshop or Nutritional Consultation I feel honored to be able to provide these services. The community we have grown is absolutely wonderful! Because of it, I am thankful for my opportunity to provide meaningful, lifelong wellness through the two methods I am most passionate about: Nutrition and Yoga! <3

Are you interested in becoming part of our community? Just complete this form and I’ll reach out to you personally to welcome you, learn more about your wellness needs and help you begin your journey toward lifelong wellness.

As always, I look forward to seeing you on the mat or meeting with you one on one to discuss your nutritional needs.