Begin your Home Practice...or office practice...

...or the "I have 5 minutes while I wait for water to boil practice..."

Have you begun your yoga journey?


You are now experiencing what everyone is raving about. How amazing is it to enjoy a physical challenge so much that you are THRILLED to come back the next time?! 

So what's next? 

Having a home practice is the next step for yoga students. Just taking 5 to 10 minutes during the day to keep develop body awareness and strength. YES, just a few postures a day is effective. Practicing even just a few minutes throughout the day can relieve tension in the shoulders, tap into core strength and stretch out the legs. Warrior postures are an excellent insert throughout the day--whether you are sedentary or active at work. They open the chest and hips while strengthening the core and upper body. 

At class we are always discussing alignment and assisting students to keep healthy form and avoid positioning that can lead to injury over time..but how do you stay safe during that mini-home practice? Or when you are done with your lunch walk at work and just need a quick practice before heading into the office? 

Here are some GREAT cues to help you gain strength and avoid bad habits in two traditional warrior postures. In and out of the class room, always remember: 

"Comparing yourself to the person next to you only takes your focus away from your own practice. Instead, explore every posture and feel the sensations of the pose. Remember, this is practice, not perfection. Practice proper form to keep your practice safe, and to gain the most benefit from it."