Frequently Asked Questions - Yoga with Goats <3


  • ALL CLASSES ARE HELD AT DOWNS ON THE FARM--not the yoga studio. This is noted on every event and your reservation confirmation. Click here for the address

  • If you are registering multiple people, you must register each person separately with their own email account OR you may register yourself the amount of times necessary for you and your party. We can register everyone with their own information when they arrive. Please do not register yourself and buy more than one ticket with plans to bring someone else as their spot will not be registered. (What has happened in the past is the class fills up with registrations in addition to one or more student buying multiple passes with only one registration. With the class at max capacity, the non-registered participants will not be allowed into the class and will need to make other arrangements.)

  • Adult classes last 60 minutes with 10 minutes after class to snuggle goats. Family classes last 45 minutes and allow 10 minutes after class to snuggle goats. 

  • The adult class fee is $25/person, Family Yoga is $20/person. Each person planning to come into the barn for class (as spectator or student) needs their own reservation, no exceptions. This policy is strictly enforced as noted on the event description. This is to limit the size of the class to paid registrants. These fun, four legged friends want to interact with EVERYONE in the room and that is what we are aiming to encourage by limiting entrance to ONLY paid registrations.

  • REFUNDS AND RESCHEDULING: If you registered for the wrong day or need to move your registration we will do our absolute best to accommodate you up until 10 days of the event you are registered for. We will refund class registrations up until 10 days of the event. In either situation, within 10 days of the event, if your class does not work for your schedule we encourage you to move to another day or allow someone else to come in your place. Unfortunately, we do not refund or reschedule registrations within 10 days of the event registered for. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please--plan accordingly. 

  • When scrolling through the registration site, if there is no *SIGN UP* button under an event, it is full. There is no room in that class for additional reservations. There will be more events added as the summer continues. Please, check in regularly to stay up-to-date with additional classes. You can also sign up for notifications on the MindBody scheduling account that we use or follow us on Facebook.  

  • Registrations require a prepaid registration best done online as soon as you find a class you would like to attend. Calling to schedule via phone results in a delay of your registration. By the time we are able to return a call and get a client registered, class has sometimes filled up. Again, class size is limited so planning ahead and registering asap online is your best assurance of a spot in class. 

  • Upon arrival, please leave anything unnecessary in your vehicle. Goats jump on tables and get into pretty much EVERYTHING in the class room. You will fill out a waiver once inside the barn and then get up in the class room. Once waivers are collected and you are checked in, the goats will be allowed into the class room area. 

  • You will be asked to remove jewelry, tie up or cover loose hair or strings and leave laced shoes and/or spongy flipflops outside the door. Goats will eat, walk away with or pull on all of the above and it can become dangerous. Addressing this BEFORE class time will ensure more time with the goats as class can begin on time.

  • We REQUIRE to you bring an old/retired, large blanket or comforter to be used as your "mat". We have tried using mats but the baby goats love to eat them and students trying to practice and/or snuggle goats become interrupted continuously but needing to keep the goats from eating their mat (which has proven difficult to do)! With a large blanket folded a few times, or an old comforter students have been much more comfortable and less distracted with goats trying to eat mats.

  • All Classes are held indoors in a climate controlled area unless otherwise noted on the event. That said, even if the weather is rainy, cold, miserable, etc.. we will still be able to hold class--PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY IF YOU HAVE A LONG DRIVE AND THERE IS BAD WEATHER. 

  • PLEASE remember these are farm animals, not indoor pets. You will likely pick up, see, smell or come into close quarters with these snugly creatures. That said, you will likely see or come into close quarters with potty or poo from them as well. Although we have a cleaning crew that is ready to clean up throughout the entire class, we still recommend leaving your favorite attire at home. Wear something that can get messy, bring an old bag for your blanket JUST IN CASE. Also, bring a change of clothing, just in case you need to change after class. This has proven to be a wise and valuable plan! ;-)

  • These classes are incredibly fun and just throw expectations out the window for all students. We have seen some beautiful connections grow between the goats and students. There are many students that keep coming back because of the therapeutic nature of this Animal Assisted Activity and we hope YOU enjoy it as well. Now that you have read all of these "Need - To - Know" facts...feel free to register for a class! <3  

See you on the Farm!


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Animal Assisted Activities have been proven beneficial in a multitude of areas from emotional trauma healing to fine motor skill improvement and mental/physical well being.


For more about AAA follow this link. 

About Downs On The Farm 

With the loving support of her husband, Shawna Hodges founded Downs On The Farm to give those with special needs or disabilities an affordable place to come and experience Animal Assisted Activities.

The Hodges family believes that they are bringing affordable, positive, therapeutic experiences to those in our society that need to be mutually accepted. By having a birthday party at the farm, visiting the petting zoo, purchasing some of their natural produce, or donating, you can help to keep the farm up and running!

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