We have a variety of consultation formats to meet your needs. If you have a diagnosis, chronic illness/condition or have been referred to us by your physician, we recommend scheduling an Individual Initial Consultation, pricing below.

If you are generally healthy and simply interested in how to eat healthier and making small changes as you are able, we recommend taking advantage of our New Year offering: 30 Minute Mini Consults.

Mini Consults (1).png

 Individual Initial Consultation - $120

*Follow-up - $50


Couples Consultation - $150

*Follow up - $75


**Family Consultations (90 Minutes to 2 Hours) - $200

*Follow up - $125

Appointments can be held at Threads of Wellness or in the comfort of your own home. Weekend and evening hours are available, just call 440.623.6246 to schedule your appointment or email here

Initial appointments will range from 55 to 65 minutes with follow-up appointments requiring 25-35 minutes. 

Each initial appointment will provide calorie recommendations, a meal plan and lifestyle changes that will support the nutritional goals.  We will discuss grocery shopping strategies, cooking methods and how to make the recommended changes economical. Each appointment includes 2 week period of "check in" phone calls and/or emails to troubleshoot any struggles or reevaluate the nutritional plan set for obtaining goals.  

*Follow up appointments are optional and prove to be very beneficial in troubleshooting, modifying plans for unplanned obstacles that come up along the way after goals are set. They also provide accountability of efforts and progress to continue on. Follow ups are interactive, can involve food preparation as well as sometimes meeting in the grocery store to practice label reading. 

**Family consultations are limited to children 13 and older.